Away from Home is not always away from Home indeed,

 Dear Friends,
 Mingalaba!  Greeting from Myanmar,

 Myanmar which is a country known for its reformation to become a Modern Country after a long silence of Voices from its People, Now a country which look forward to becoming a Modernized One, by trying to overlooking the conflicts of the past and instead trying to take lessons for the Confluence.
The country which has become independent since 1948, January 4th, from British Colonial Country as Union of Burma and now official name was renamed to Myanmar since 1989 and the National flag with new symbol is inaugurated on the 21st of October 2010.

 Come to see and feel for yourself, non-aggressive people living in a country with unblemished beauties of the nature with topographical and geographical advantages with Rivers like Irrawaddy which is the blood stream of Myanmar enhanced by a long coastal region with natural beaches like Ngapali , Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar,together with varieties of traditional way of lifestyle; await all visitors to experience the fascinations of Myanmar.
Please come to Myanmar through the bridge of World Connect Travels through which you can reach the other ends those will be full of differences and bring back the truth of the differences to enable you to understand the beauty with value of harmony between two ends like a rainbow exists between the difference of wet rain and the hot sun which is above every one and proving that the nature of world is full of beauty for all in equality which could exist only from proper understanding of the truth that produces the respect between the differences.

With Kind Regards
World Connect Travels and Tours,
A bridge to the other ends of the world, for better Understanding and Respect,



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