A Brave New World: Mexico

We are a group of lawyers and agents with expertise in immigration law and hiring foreign workers in Mexico. We offer a variety of all-inclusive services that are customized to meet each client’s needs as well as immigration assistance.

Our services are intended to provide much-needed guidance to people who are interested in working or studying in Mexico, as well as those who are only planning brief visits and require a visa in order to meet their specific needs. All Foreign Nationals Willing To Enter The Country Must Understand The Basic Immigration Principles And The Visa Requirements.

Why Choose Mexico for Work?

Both a good wage and an excellent work-life balance are available in Mexico. Would you like to work in a lovely setting and make a change in your life? Here are some justifications for why you ought to:

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Types Of Visas For Mexico

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is always advisable to travel with a passport with a validity of at least six months from the arrival date in Mexico, in order to avoid any inconveniences at the port of entry. Please remember that admittance to Mexico (as to any other country) is subject to the final approval of immigration officials at the point of entry, whom have the authority to verify the authenticity of all the documents and the truthfulness of the information you provide. They will also confirm that no outright restrictions exist for your admittance.

Mexican immigration regulations do not make a distinction between regular and/or emergency passports. To be eligible to enter the country foreign nationals must produce a valid passport according to international standards.

It is also highly recommended that passports have at least a six-month validity.

Regardless of their nationality, every foreign national wishing to stay in Mexico longer than 180 days needs to apply for either a Termporary or a Permanent Residency visa.

Yes. Please contact the Embassy of Mexico in order to receive specific information on the procedure to follow.

Current regulations allow international travelers to introduce up to USD 10,000 in cash or the equivalent in other foreign currencies, without the need to file a customs declaration. To exceed this amount does not constitute a felony, but not declaring it does.

Current Mexican immigration regulations do not allow a transit without a visa. Therefore, before you travel to Mexico you must be sure you either: 1) do not need a visa because you can benefit from any of the conditions included in the visa exemption program, or 2) have a valid visa according to your nationality and the activity you will perform in Mexico.

Notwithstanding the above, some airline companies have negotiated specific agreements with Mexican immigration authorities with the purpose of granting a transit without a visa for their passengers. You will need to ask your airline company if they have such an agreement.

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